Dyffryn Taf

Mr J G Kennedy

Dyffryn Taf
North Road
SA34 0BD

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01994 242100

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The Governors and staff of Dyffryn Taf aim to ensure that the school provides each pupil, irrespective of ability, background or gender, with the opportunity to develop to the full their intellectual, physical, practical, personal and social skills. The school aims to provide pupils with an understanding of Welsh heritage and culture and to prepare them for life in a bilingual community. We operate a policy of equal opportunities for all and endeavour at all times to obtain the very best from our pupils.

Our commitment to excellence covers all areas of school life from academic work to sporting and extra curricular activities of all types. We encourage an active involvement with the local community.

We believe that these aims can be best achieved in an atmosphere which is friendly and where mutual respect is encouraged at all times. Within this framework, there must be a disciplined and purposeful attitude to all activities. We aim to ensure that pupils are happy, well motivated and active participants so that their unique qualities can be displayed. The support of parents is encouraged and we seek partnership between parents, staff and pupils.

Whilst the idea of the school as a community is of great importance to the ethos of the school, we always do our utmost to prepare pupils for the world beyond school.



Croeso and welcome to Dyffryn Taf.  At the school we aim to work with you to celebrate the past and, through the rounded education of our pupils, help to shape the future.  We are privileged to serve a community which shares our values: an ethos of hard work, respect for others and a desire to achieve excellence in all we do.

We want the young people we work with to behave well and to set a good example to those around them; to show respect for themselves and for others, including the wider community; to participate in school life in the fullest sense, both in and out of the classroom.  We pride ourselves on offering a range of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities and encourage all pupils to try new ways to find and express their talents.  We want to work with them to promote tolerance and understanding, and an open and enquiring outlook.  We believe that the rights of pupils are paramount, but should be balanced with their responsibilities.  We want everything to be an opportunity for learning and development.

We make the commitment to you that your child will be led by a team of skilled professionals devoted to ensuring the progress and wellbeing of everyone in their care.  We want Dyffryn Taf to be a positive learning environment where every adult is one who pupils can trust.   High quality teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do, with every staff member focused on ensuring high standards of achievement for pupils of all abilities.

We strive to be a school which is inclusive and diverse, offering something for everybody, regardless of ability or background.  It is not just about fulfilling potential but also about raising expectations of what that potential can be.  By working closely with families we give ourselves the best chance of achieving that goal.

Past, present and future parents and carers are always welcome to visit the school to see how we work and to share any concerns or queries.  I look forward to meeting with you all at school events or by individual appointment if needed.

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