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What is School Gym?

We use the theory of gamification to provide a pathway where all pupils can be
successful in PE, both cerebral and physical. We understand gamification as being an approach where game design techniques and mechanics are used to solve problems and get audiences engaged.

Whilst the programme provides for all, the higher level sports-people also get a major boost. It offers the opportunity for those to whom good movement and fitness come relatively easily to play a wider role in encouraging others through motivational aspects to the learning, and the opportunity to become recognised and awarded with badges within the programme by the motivator, leader and role model pathways.

School Gym does also have a specific individual benefit for those who are talent spotted by Academies and other sporting institutions. If they have gone through the School Gym and the actual programme; School Fitness 3T, they are well grooved in all movement patterns that would be expected by high level sports-people. This means Academies do not lose time with remedial work on movement patterns when they arrive.

The School Gym programme is based around the development of good movement patterns essential for both sporting achievement and for health and wellbeing in general life. These patterns are developed under a number of pathways depending on the pupils particular focus, but that may include self training, coaching others, motivation etc. We believe that learning a skill under a number of differing conditions is likely to make that skill better learned and more resilient under stressful conditions.


Example element: School Gym Powerboard™ module

School Gym includes optional elements and equipment modules designed around key movement skills and patterns that underpin our overall training approach. As an example are details of the Powerboard™ module relating to EDUCATION in general and PHYSICAL EDUCATION in particular.

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